The Grand Life

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted anything, and it’s not without reason! Between yawning away my Economics and Statistics classes, I’ve been busy entertaining my grandma. Yes, she is here! In New York! And this city will never be the same…

My grandma is something of a controlled shopaholic. She will scout ALL the stores, find merchandise her over-capacitated closet cannot live without, then continuously visit the stores until the merchandise goes on sale. She constantly visits the local mall, and at this point, everyone knows who she is.

So what happens when you remove the mall’s #1 source of income and place her in the ultimate shopping city? Plastic burns from overutilization. She prefers quantity over quality, so I have introduced her to stores such as Zara, Forever 21 (by accident), Barneys and my main place of zen: Bergdorf Goodman. We got facials by Lancôme, which happened to be the first time she ever got a facial. Every day has been like the global fashion scene: mixing inexpensive and fast with luxurious and divine. By divine I mean church; St. Patrick’s Cathedral. However, there hasn’t been anything like seeing her being baffled over this concrete jungle when going to Top of the Rock. I’ve taken her to most of the places that I love here (except Broadway!), and it makes me incredibly happy to see her excited about the food and the culture that I love. Like grandma, like grandchild – both living a grand life! 
IMG_5526 IMG_5531 IMG_5537IMG_5371IMG_5225 IMG_5233

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