Beach Please

It’s finally the end of the semester, where the finals are done and the grades are out. It’s been a long and trying semester, as I’ve had to balance school and work with a social life – the struggles of student life. Just a few days later, I’m having a hard time de-stressing. I’m so used to having a million things that need to be done, that not having anything (school related) is stressing me out.

You know that time, right before finals, where you know you have a lot to do, yet everything else tends to be more important. It’s a severely efficient form of procrastination, where you get a whole lot of stuff done, just not the stuff you really need to do. During the weeks of the final projects and finals, I managed to watch Age of Adaline, Avengers (twice), hang out with a bunch of people, have lunch and dinner out with someone almost everyday and took a lovely, yet cold trip to Coney Island. How I managed to finish everything in time is still a mystery to me.

Coney Island is NYC’s most notorious beach. It’s located in the south of Brooklyn, and it takes about 1 hour to get there from Midtown Manhattan. It’s known for its boardwalk, rides and endless supply of Nathan’s hot dogs. When we went there, it was much colder than anticipated, and the beach known for always being crowded – was completely stranded. There were only a few people there, which allowed us to practically call the beach our own and do a hostile takeover through adverse possession. After lying in the sun for a while, we decided to get ice cream cones, which of course they didn’t have on the beach! What kind of beach doesn’t have ice cream? We managed to satisfy our imminent cravings when we reached the subway station, and had one of the most delicious cones I have had in this country so far.

So now that it’s summer vacation (for 2 weeks), let’s head to the beach and enjoy the amazing (and disgusting) weather! And good luck to my friends in Norway who are currently working on their exams.











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