Have you ever taken a trip where your goal is to get lost? Does your life miss spontaneity and excitement? Are you bound to daily routines and packed schedules? Is Central Park not doing it for you anymore?

I might have the solution.

While trying not so sound like a commercial filled with all the clichés in the book, I would like to point out how important it is to just stop and take a breather sometimes. This might be inspired by the start of final exam week, but it’s important to have some adventure in your life. Make a pact with yourself to go to a place you’ve never been before on a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly basis. This could be anything from areas to parks to restaurants. There are few things worse than being stuck in the same routine, and feeling like things will never change (first world problems).

I know I keep posting a lot about Brooklyn, but this is a part of my pact with myself. I need to experience something new every week, to be around new people and do new things. Though I am a creature of habit, and constantly fighting with my introverted side that just wants to date Netflix in bed, I make myself get out and do stuff. Because after all, what’s life without great stories? As my professor always says, emphasized by Betty Draper (before she married Henry) “only boring people are boring”.

This series of pictures is from when I decided to force Mari to walk from Bushwick to Williamsburg. We ended up in a deserted industrial area and had no idea where we were walking. Though we had the maps available, we kept on taking the wrong turns, and at one point we had to giggle over the fact that we were actually lost.

And yes, we did get home safely. We just walked a lot.

IMG_4790 _DSC0022 _DSC0061 _DSC0115 _DSC0122
IMG_4802 IMG_4812 IMG_4822 IMG_4801 IMG_4791

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