A Brooklyn Love Story

Have you ever lived a place, gotten sick of it, and then realized that you’ve only been in certain spots? That there’s a whole part of the place that you still haven’t seen? This relates back to the time when my lovely and lively Hege and I started exploring the neighboring towns and cities to where we lived, because we were simply bored. Why venture out and travel far, when you haven’t really discovered the places around you?

I have been growing tired of Manhattan, simply because I don’t venture out enough. Having been to the same few places in Brooklyn and Williamsburg, Mari and I decided to venture out to Bushwick. Throughout the trip, I kept wondering why we don’t live in Brooklyn rather than Harlem.

The day started in Bushwick and we walked further in to East New York rather than Williamsburg… The place is filled with murals, some foreign stores, and a mixture of hipsters and immigrants. People seemed completely laid back, and lived in a world oblivious to the busy Manhattan lifestyle. For the first time in a long time, I felt completely relaxed, and even envious of the people who have access to this life. Just living in Manhattan, even in Harlem, can be pretty stressful, especially due to the surroundings. At this time, the catcalling is getting pretty bad, and it would be great to live in a place where people simply don’t care as long as they have access to coffee. While attempting to hide my emotions, I ended up with getting struck by burger hunger, as did Mari, and we went to Williamsburg to the Kellogg’s Diner. To see a picture of the burger, check out my post Burger Dreams <— Don’t go there if you’re hungry.

So what to take away from this? You don’t always need to travel far away to get refreshed and renewed. Sometimes, just going somewhere that’s slightly farther away that your usual surroundings is all it takes. And if you’re going to walk a lot – wear comfortable shoes!

_DSC0024 Edel Singh Brooklyn IMG_4480 _DSC0166 IMG_4521 _DSC0215 _DSC0269 _DSC0290

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