Burger Dreams

New week means new possibilities. A blank slate. 52 times a year. Though most of us follow the same routine, there’s always the possibility to do something new. As my Psychology professor constantly emphasizes: “If you’re bored, you’re boring”.

Having declared myself as an avid pescetarian for over a year (with a cheat day on Christmas Eve), I found myself craving burgers ever since I had my aunt’s incomparable Christmas dinner. I attempted to satisfy myself with both fish- and veggie burgers, but right before Spring Break, I decided that my iron levels were in desperate needs of a juicy piece of red meat. Oh boy did I create a monster that day. I officially gave up my title as a pescetarian on March 12th, which was a little over a year since I started my special diet. What I thought would be a “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” became a part of my diet – but hey – at least I’m not pregnant.

So, in order to celebrate my return to burgerism, I have decided to share some pictures and tips of my top 5 favorite burgers and burger places. I highly recommend to stop reading at this point if you’re hungry.

Also, I’ll be starting a new segment on the blog about food – my guide, recommendations and experiences in restaurants all over the world – because travel and globalization, duh. I’ll come up with a name soon, as I bet “Severe Mastication” or “Foodnahnigans” won’t be too popular.

Harlem Public
1. Harlem Public, NY: This is an incredibly fun place with a rather unusual selection of interesting burgers. On the picture, you see a peanut butter burger, which is the one that eventually made me crack. It was delicious, while being perfectly cooked. Their fries were amazing. Food coma alert: HIGH
2. IN-N-OUT: This is the annoying place that everyone who doesn’t live on the West Coast constantly has to look at, but never taste. While having patiently waited for an opportunity to eat here, it came this March, and they didn’t disappoint. There is something therapeutic about watching the whole potatoes turn into fries and then given to you. Food coma alert: MEDIUM
3. Terrain: This restaurant is located in Westport, CT and is part of URBN INC (Urban Outfitters). Sitting in this restaurant is like being in paradise, and their bread is baked and served in an actual flower pot. Their burgers satisfy every cell in your body, and their fries taste like something only a god could create. Food coma alert: HIGH
Kelloggs’ Diner
4. Kellogg’s Diner, Williamsburg, NY: This is the Kellogg’s Burger, which is served with cheese, bacon and mushrooms. Though the meal was delicious, I found it impossible to even finish half. The portions are massive and the prices are kind. The diner itself has a non-NY atmosphere, which is fun. If you’re passing by this place, trust me, you won’t miss it. Food coma alert: HIGH
5. The Ainsworth, Chelsea, NY: The Mac and Cheese Burger is everything you expect + more. Yes, it’s true that you feel your arteries clog while eating it, and yes, you’ll feel even worse the day after, but this son of a bitch is worth it. The M&C patty underneath the beef patty complements the burger along with the comforting flavors. You won’t be getting dessert after this one. Unless you’re like us, who walked for 30 minutes and then got FroYo. Food coma alert: SEVERE

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