42nd St Shenanigans

I am so happy to announce that today is my blog’s third birthday!

This blog started out as a source of documenting my crazy last month at St Olav High School and time at Gateway College, and just ended up becoming a part of me. I realized that one has an obligation to the followers, and I seriously needed a creative outlet. I love taking pictures, and I love being in front of the camera. I love the idea of taking pictures that stray from one’s normal lifestyle. I don’t think I’m particularly pretty or would ever make it as a model, but I love looking extra good for the camera and I can’t help but laugh when I think about the craziness that occurred before and after a particularly good shot was taken. I don’t spend hours and hours getting ready, and for this shoot, I was working on homework for too long, and spent about 10 minutes getting ready, before we had a shoot in the rain. This was also a particularly crowded day, and it ended up being one of the magical New York days with people showing up from nowhere and offering their services. Even the cops were totally into our shoot.

This shoot is one of the shoots that I am particularly proud of. It features the gorgeous Grace, one of my best friends here. She always cracks me up, and we are a dreamteam in several areas. When I don’t have access to Jon Vidar Strømstad, I can breathe calmly because I know Grace isn’t too far away (I’ve actually never experienced such a burning need to take pictures yet). These pictures are taken at Times Square and Grand Central: two locations that are never easy to deal with. If you like these and want to see more, check out my VSCO grid.

When taking these pictures, none of us could keep a straight face for too long. We crack each other up, and some people just didn’t care that we were taking pictures. At one point at Times Square, there were a bunch of teenage girls all staring at us, while we kept on doing our thing (that one time we could actually keep shooting for a while). We also met the guy behind New York Faces, who was gladly taking pictures of us taking pictures. Though anyone else would be creeped out by this fact, we recognized his immaculate talent and let him follow us on Instagram and gave him our email (kids, don’t try this at home). He had a private shoot with Grace in the middle of Duffy Square (the red stairs), and placed a chair for her to sit in the middle of the area. It was awesome. At Grand Central, we were doing out thing, and suddenly a man, looking bored and lonely, asked if he wanted us to take a picture together. Hesitantly, we said yes, and while knowing the cops were right behind him, I handed over the my precious camera. When posing together, Grace and I couldn’t figure out whether to smile or be serious, and it all ended in giggles. The one picture posted here it the only one he managed to capture where we’re not laughing as if one of us said something hilariously dirty.

I hope you like these!

Times Square_DSC0093 _DSC0098 _DSC0106 _DSC0122 _DSC0135 _DSC0184 _DSC0195 _DSC0197 _DSC0220 _DSC0232 _DSC0248 _DSC0296 _DSC0298 _DSC0304 _DSC0342 _DSC0361

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