Vegas, Baby

How many people are lucky enough to get a surprise trip to Vegas in their lifetime? Not many, but I am one of them. This was given to me as a combined birthday and Christmas present – as well as payback for the Book of Mormon stunt that I pulled off for “Mari’s 2 months to go to her birthday”. We left on Sunday afternoon, only to find out that our flight was incredibly delayed. By incredibly I mean that it is incredible that JFK airport management allows this massive international airport to only have one functioning runway. I wish everyone who’s leaving from this airport anytime soon the best of luck and sufficient patience.

My overall impression of Vegas is grandiose! This was a trip that was more about “experiencing Vegas” rather than the “Vegas experience”. We did not gamble, nor did we find ourselves crawling drunkenly on the sidewalk by the break of dawn, but we did spend an evening at the Chippendales Theater. We lived at the Stratosphere and had an amazing dinner at the non-college-student-budget-friendly restaurant Top of the World. And the name sure lives up to the experience. The Stratosphere tower is located north of the Strip, and the restaurant is on the 106th floor (the tall ceilings make it feel even higher), and uses 1 hour and 20 minutes to rotate a whole round. Yes, this was indeed a rotating restaurant. And yes, it is fully possible to get dizzy and disoriented by a rotating restaurant that is rotating at a relatively slow pace. However, the view was AMAZING. I really did feel like I was on top of the world.

We visited pretty much all the casino’s, and I’ve decided to make separate posts on all of the, because there is simply too much to say about them. We ended the trip with almost 1300 pictures (taken on 3 days), which is saying something. The city is really picturesque, and the architecture is beyond impressive. There were several times where Mari and I looked at each other with worried faces, wondering if we will ever be impressed by something again. So, bring it on all you real tourist attractions!

Being on the west coast also meant a mandatory trip to In-N-Out. This place also lives up to its name, as the speed of the employees is impressive. I did wait for a long time to get out food, but watching the employees gave me flashbacks to The Flash (see what I did there). It was also impressive to see them actually cutting the whole potato into fries. I can say that I saw the potato that I later ate as a French Fry. The burger was pretty great too. Now I am excited to go back!

Some of the other things we did were visit the Titanic Museum at Luxor, the Fabergé Unveiled exhibit at the Bellagio gallery, shop at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, walk the Brooklyn Bridge in New York New York, go crazy at the Convention Center at Paris,  eat burgers every single day (I returned to pescetarianism upon our NYC arrival), watch the fountain show outside of the Bellagio, almost win 2 million dollars, watch the people in gondolas in the Venetian and just stay stunned while drooling at the amazing place that is Las Vegas.

Take a look – there’s a lot more coming!

IMG_3067 IMG_2731 IMG_2736 IMG_2746 IMG_2750 IMG_2754 IMG_2784 IMG_2813 IMG_2838 IMG_2839 IMG_2938 IMG_2977 IMG_3032 IMG_3045 IMG_3471 IMG_3078 IMG_3102 IMG_3116 IMG_3255 IMG_3437 IMG_3442 IMG_3454 IMG_3465 IMG_3474 IMG_3481 IMG_3498 IMG_3558

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