Oh how good it feels to walk outside in fewer layers (than four days ago?) and feel the warmth of the sun on the skin. Our last snowstorm hit us last week, Thursday to be exact, and it seemed like spring would never come. But then it did come. And now I get semi-bipolar because I can’t decide if I am too warm or happy because of the mere fact that I am warm. I still remember picking off frozen tears from my cheeks like it was yesterday (because it happened last week), and now I am moving all my big-ass winter coats to the back of my closet. This city is truly the city of extremes, because when it gets warm, it doesn’t get a little warm, it went straight from the negative 10s (in celsius) to 15-17 degrees (celsius). Those temperatures represent summer in Norway, so in my head it feels like we skipped spring.

It’s been busy here lately, where I can’t tell if I am enjoying not having any days off or not. I am happy to announce that I am currently employed as a Store Coordinator at the Michael Kors Global Flagship. For you non-fashion people, that means the largest store with the most varied assortment on a global scale, or simply the main store. There are so many Norwegian customers there that sometimes I get confused over which country I am in. Seriously.  Almost every day I am at work, I encounter Norwegians, and then I spend a good amount of time deciding whether I just want to creep on them or actually talk to them. Walking over and speaking Norwegian is almost equally creepy as just overhearing them with poise.

Spring break is coming up, and at 11.10 EST tomorrow, I will be liberated from school for a few days before I have to catch up on readings and do assignments that are due the week after. Why do they call it break if they’re going to give us work to do? This makes no sense to me. I demand the US to learn from Norway! It’s not that bad, really. I am however very excited about this mystery trip that my roommate and I will be going on. She booked the trip in October, after I gave her an epic birthday present, and she still has not told me where we’re going. All I know is that there will be strippers. I am guessing Las Vegas, but honestly, it could be anywhere. For all I know, we could be going to Channing Tatums house and get lap dances by the cast of Magic Mike – or Lilly’s doppelgänger in How I met your mother (played by Alyson Hannigan). I guess I’ll find out on Sunday,

Meanwhile, let’s drift off to somewhere special, where it’s even warmer than here –

tumblr_mgayoix71Y1qe1oj9o1_500 Mmm



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