Behind The Lens


While currently being snowed in by Juno, I can’t help but to think how incredibly lucky I am to be living in NYC. I think about it a lot. I also write about it a lot. Honestly, the things I experience here are beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

There’s always something going on here, and on Saturday we ventured out to check out Patrick J. Adams’ gallery in the Meatpacking District. Patrick J. Adams is mostly known for his role as super-brain schemer Mike Ross in the USA Network show Suits. After years of being terrorized with great stories about the show, I started watching it in December and finished all seasons in a couple of weeks. Talk about dedication. If you’re into intelligent wit and unexpected law-breaking, this is the show for you!

When I went back to Norway, one of the main questions I got asked was; do you meet a lot of celebrities? How does one answer that question? I see many famous faces around, but it’s usually either in the passing or at the stage door. I am not a typical fangirl (though I have an extensive list of celebrity crushes), so I am not the person who would run up to a known personality and ask for a picture. The stage door is a whole other story; that’s when they come to you!

So in regards to meeting Patrick J. Adams I was very nervous. I love his character, and I was mesmerized by his pictures, so I was afraid that I might end up disappointed. That does tend to happen a lot, though there may be several reasons why. Often, there’s a question about time efficiency, they can be tired, not feeling well, feeling superior, being jet lagged and so on. You can’t simply base your opinion about a person after meeting them only for a few minutes. Also, there is something about the magic of seeing them on screen that disappears when you meet them in person. You suddenly see that they may not be that tall, their skin isn’t perfect or they don’t dress at all like you expected. There’s a lot of factors that play in when it comes to meeting your “heroes”, and I am sure this is one of the motivations behind the saying that you’re better off without meeting them. So when I finally got to meet Patrick J. Adams I was pleasantly surprised! He was incredibly kind and humble. Though everyone were aiming for efficiency, he took his time to meet every single person. When people take time to appreciate their fans or followers, it reassures people why they like them. Then you go from respecting a persons work or talent to respecting them as a person. In addition to this exhibit, another great philanthropist is Stephen Amell with his constant campaigns and online presence. 

I am so glad that people I look up to are not only great talents, but also great people!

For more behind the scenes pictures, click here

suits_behindthelens_norick _DSC0049 _DSC0012 _DSC0014 _DSC0040 _DSC0041 _DSC0060 _DSC0073 _DSC0075 Gabriel-and-Stephen-Macht suits-patrick-j-adams-shows-off-photography-skills-in-behind-the-lens-gallery-1 _DSC0042IMG_2307

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