Resolutionary 2015

Happy New Year darlings! Mein Herr was playing in my head while we were counting down to midnight in the rain. Like the rest of the year, the celebration was nothing like expected. I got to see a lot of my friends again; whom I really didn’t expect to see. Most of the evening was spent hugging great people and grinning like idiots while drinking fine wine and bubbles. It was a perfectly marvellous start of the year. Okay, I’ll try to stop with the Cabaret quotes.

It surprises me that in all conversations lately, the new years resolutions haven’t really made its way. I wonder if our generation is the one that will officially give up on the concept. Everyday is the start of the rest of your life, or is it just another day of your life? What’s the point of making resolutions if you’re just going to give up on them in February anyways?

My youngest uncle is born on January 1st, and during his birthday dinner, one of the guests said that rather than making restrictions, we should set goals. This means that instead of having impossible goals, like not eating cake all year, set goals you can actually accomplish, such as x amount of hours you should work out each week. I took it one step further and make 12 different resolutions? 1 each month. Or like one of my friends did: 52; one for each week. Shorter resolutions are easier to keep and you can feel good about yourself when you accomplish them. But then again, why do we need to make these promises to ourselves?

I guess it’s extra hard in my family where we start off the new year with a birthday party. Resolutions are not worshipped in my family, and we go by the saying “let them eat cake”. It’s truly a curse and a blessing that we have amazing bakers in the family.

This post goes out to my two aunts who can cook and bake like no one else. Bocuse D’Or has nothing on you! (And I totally didn’t mention the amazing pizza we had for dinner on purpose).

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