Home for Christmas

Oh boy. I am still stuffed since yesterday. No one can cook up a feast like my aunt Silje. She is known for serving no less than 7 different cakes and pastries during birthday parties, and now she has outdone herself with homemade chocolate. While being welcomed by a glass of bubbly at our arrival, we were all yearning for the dinner to be served.

There are several dishes that are considered traditional Christmas food, and as always, we went with Ribbe; roasted pork belly, served with potatoes, sauerkraut, red cabbage, brussels sprouts, Julepølse (Christmas sausage), medisterkaker (pork meat balls) and gravy. Dessert was rice porridge mixed with whipped cream, accompanied by a strawberry sauce (riskrem). I want to thank Visit Norway for helping me explain what the food really is. By clicking the link you can read about the other dishes as well.

We were only about two handfuls of people last night, yet it felt like the present-opening was never going to end. It took a total of two hours until we reached the end, and we ended the night with grins and gin & tonics. I don’t really know what I think about being a grown up, especially because I am the only one of “the kids” that has reached the other side.

There are a few times we all dress up to spend time together, and after an unexpected slumber party, we rounded off Christmas with Indian food at my grandmother’s place.

I hope you’re having extraordinary holidays.

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