It’s that time of the year again. When you’re supposed to be the grateful, kind and best version of yourself. You meet up with the rest of your family (or friends) and stuff your face with a delicious turkey dinner. Before digging in to the sweet potatoes and stuffing, you go around the table and express your gratitude to experiences and lessons learned this past year.

Since my thanksgiving dinner was consumed a day ahead, without the thanking, I decided to say my thanks right here;

I am grateful for having friends and family that respect me and my decisions. I am grateful for being backed up by the Norwegian Government (yes, I just went there). I am grateful for my apartment and getting well along with my roommate. I am grateful for the fact that Netflix has all seasons of Breaking Bad. I am grateful for the unbelievable stories that result from Monica and I’s experiences. I am also grateful for being able to travel to Norway twice, as well as California and Michigan. I am grateful for the fact that I do not live in East Harlem, or worse; the dorms. I am grateful for Maison Kayser and all the food and drinks they have given us for free (shoutout to Arthur, Wilson, Terence and Jared). I am grateful for having had incredible professors that have invested time and energy in and for me. I am grateful for attending a college that gives me the freedom to live a non-college-student life. But most of all, I am grateful for having the best father anyone could ever ask for. May I one day be half the person he is.

Enjoy your turkeys Americans! And everyone else; have a splendiferous Thursday!



One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. I am VERY thankful to have come across your path, giving me the chance to assist you with your home search. Your an amazing person!
    Jay Rojas
    Happy Thanksgiving

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