Glitter in the Dark

It’s the trying time of pre-stress of going “home”. It’s too soon to start packing, and there is still a whole rush of things that have to be done here before I can even think about leaving the city. I am at that planning stage where I want to allocate my time back home properly. Who made an effort in order to stay in touch? Who didn’t? The outcome is astounding. “They” say that when you move away from a place it is your task to stay in touch. After all, everyone around you has just lost one person in their life, while you have lost many. It’s also easier to forget one person, than forgetting a whole bunch. But is it though? Is it really?

I have to admit, the first year here was lonely in some ways. Missing the quality friendships and having people around me who can point out your flaws simply because they know you better than you know yourself. I decided to leave most of my life in Norway behind in order to try and rebuild myself as a new and improved version. Did it work? Should I be blaming others for not making an effort of staying in touch or should they be blaming me?

The great thing about living in this city is the fact that most people that I am surrounded by have all moved here at some point. They all have loved ones at a place that is several hours away. Does that make it okay to spend our time, most of our time, to stay in touch with the ones at home, or improve life here? From experience, there are few things as annoying as someone constantly on their phone, prioritizing everyone who isn’t in front of them in the very moment. What a person chooses to do in solitude is of course up to them, but is it okay to not respect the people you have around you here? Does that make it okay to not stay in touch with the people at home? Also, it is okay to only talk to someone because they want to brag about their accomplishments? I know that a lot of my family and friends at home probably don’t even know what I am really doing here.

All these questions have been driving me crazy these past few days, and listening to certain people’s excuses to why they do or do not make an effort really makes me wonder. Where is the balance? So I am just going to attach some unrelated glittering pictures to this blogpost and continue to wonder. Maybe I should even consider taking a philosophy class (as if my current Ethics class isn’t enough).


Edel Singh Glitter




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