French Birthday

Yesterday was a cause for celebration; Ana’s birthday. Though our casual ventures seem to be over-the-top, we still know how to celebrate a special occasion. We started the day with the holy meal; brunch, at Ladurée in SoHO. Yes, they are indeed known for their delicious macarons and pastries, but if you haven’t tried their food yet, I urge you to book a table asap! While enjoying our $7 cups of tea, we decided that we should make this a Friday tradition. If so, what would happen to our celebrations? Oh, we’ll just rope off enough space for a table that seats four on top of the Empire State Building. We’ll cater food from some of the best restaurants, and watch the sun set over the city of dreams. Let’s not get carried away in dreams that are likely to cost us an entire tuition in an evening…

The food at Ladurée was magnificent, and we decided to go a little nuts with the desserts. In France, a meal is often served with several courses, and that is exactly what we did. Though we didn’t go completely crazy, we decided to have a pre-dessert before our actual dessert. After our exquisite omelettes, we had French Toast (of course), followed by four unique and delicious desserts.

Here is the list of the desserts we ordered:

Ispahan: Smooth rose flavored macaron biscuit, rose petal cream, fresh raspberries and lychees.

Plaisir Sucré: Crushed Piedmont hazelnuts and meringue biscuit with crispy praline, chocolate leaves, whipped cream and milk chocolate filling

Eclair Chocolat au Lait: chocolate cream puff pastry, Jivara milk chocolate cream, milk chocolate fondant

Religieuse Pistache: cream puff pastry, pistachio cream, pistachio filling

After the meal, we had to walk off some of the food, and ended up shopping around the area. We all had food up to our throats, and flinched even just by the thought of eating anything else. After some walking, and relocating to Midtown East, we decided to conclude the evening at our favorite spot: Maison Kayser. The birthday girl was greeted by a Financier with a candle, and the managers wished her the best on her day. We had our usual table, and continued enjoying the evening like any other night.

Of course Mari and I purchased macarons for the journey home.




















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