So many people dream about coming to NYC, where some want to experience the Hollywood version of it, whereas others want to be present in the chaos. There are a bunch of tourist attractions to see, where most tourists spend hours in line. So while I have been visited by family and friends from far and close, they seem to have one question in common;  what does a New Yorker do?

As any place. people either spend majority of the day at work or school. Due to the NYC living expenses, people tend to often have more than one job, depending on what they do. Just at LIM College, there are quite a few student juggling being a full time student, intern and having two jobs. No wonder people get annoyed when tourists are in the way.

However, every week comes to an end, and though some spend that working as well, most New Yorkers spend these days doing the same thing; BRUNCH. Brunch is one of those scared meals, where you dress up a little more than usual and start your day with bottomless mimosas. Though New Yorkers have a solid selection of tourist attractions to see, most people don’t spend their days experiencing them. I can guarantee you that most New Yorkers haven’t been to Governor’s Island; I sure haven’t. I haven’t even been up in the Empire State yet.

For people coming here and saying they want the New Yorker experience, think about what you do at home; work, school, hang out with friends, eat out, go out, discounted shows and events etc. The NYC life is based on unprecedented routine, hard work and good times with friends.

Last weekend, I went to Hedwig and the Angry Inch with the girls, after a great day of food. Friday was spent eating out and taking late night pictures at Times Square (still figuring out why we ended up there). Saturday was brunch-day with Jason at The Bar Room (recommended), followed with a skin-caring trip to Bergdorf Goodman and a walk up Park Avenue with Monica. As always, Sunday was homework day, while Monica and Ana went to the Dumbo Arts Festival. And though I don’t see a Broadway show every weekend (just almost), most weekends are spent with a lot of great food and company.

This is basically what happens while walking up Park Avenue.











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