Maison Anniversaire

In the midst of the so-called “make up week”, my dearest friend turned a year older. As any other age, you only turn it once, so we made sure that this would be a celebration to remember. Yeah guys, “17 Again” only happens in the movies…

Being such a great friend, I completely forgot to plan the dinner until Wednesday, which was the day before the birthday. We already knew that the meal would be served at our favorite place in Manhattan; Maison Kayser Upper East Side. As I hit “send” on the email to the General Manager, I already felt relieved. While I dropped off the necessities, being my choice of decoration and beverage, they arranged the rest. Even the birthday cake, which was one of our favorite desserts; The Mocccachino. If you live in the area and still haven’t been there, you have sinned!

As Monica and I are two goofballs, I decided that she would be turning 13 years old that night. As the manager responsible for the evening was not aware of our real ages, the joke backfired and allowed Monica to turn 31.

The night was a complete success with a number of unexpected turns and events.











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