I was scrolling down my Facebook feed and I found this article from Refinery 29. It is written by Connie Wang and illustrates fashion vocab and how they may be interpreted by who she calls “regular people”. Despite not supporting calling non-fashion people for only regular people, I found this article quite funny.


“That statement necklace you’re wearing is really speaking to me”

Regular-people definition: Something that you say is that is declarative.

Regular-person response: “…What is it saying?”


Fashion-person definition: Ostentatious or impossible to ignore, a “statement” usually refers to one item – like a necklace or shoe – that tells the world that, make no mistake, you’re definitely wearing a necklace or show.

Fashion-person response: “Thanks, babe. It’s new.”



I can’t wait until Thursday! They’re calling in a bunch of girls for me to shoot for this story we’re doing.”

Regular-people definition: To hunt or propel a ballistic (whether through a bullet, a basketball, or something else) at a specific target, model or otherwise. Definitely illegal to do on set.

Regular-person response: “Will you need a lawyer?”


Fashion-person definition: To photograph for an editorial fashion story.

Fashion-person response: “Ugh, I’m so jealous. Is it catered?”



Janet literally asked me if Elizabeth & James bags cost as much as Chanel bags. I can’t believe she still can’t get her contemporary and designer brands straight.”

Regular-people definition: Existing in the current time period.

Regular-person response: “Who are Elizabeth and James? Did they die or something?”


Fashion-person definition: A specific classification of mid-priced apparel and accessories that are trend-focused, but more affordable than true designer brands.

Fashion-person response: “That’s just embarrassing.”



Our new sittings editor has been really doing a phenomenal job.”

Regular-people definition: A length of time when someone sits.

Regular-person response: “But…is her job really that hard? Can she stand if she wants to?”


Fashion-person definition: An editor whose job is to manage and direct the fashion photo shoots.

Fashion-person response: “I’ve noticed! The latest spread you guys published was next-level.”



“Are you doing resort next month?”

Regular-people definition: The last option after you’ve exhausted over other possibilities. Somewhere warm where people go to visit for holiday.

Regular-person response: “I don’t think I have the vacation days.”


Fashion-person definition: The market season in between fall and spring that shows during July and August, but is available in stores in December and January.

Fashion-person response: “I am! You know my editor doesn’t let me catch a break – will I see you at some presentations?”



The collections have all looked the same this season. It’s depressing.”

Regular-people definition: A grouping of like items.

Regular-people response: “…Aren’t they supposed to?”


Fashion-person definition: The entire span of clothing and accessories created to sell to stores. These are presented at least twice a year at international fashion weeks.

Fashion-person response: “I know. What’s with all the white on white? It’s like they all got the same exact memo.”



“Can you double check if the model we booked will fit into samples?”

Regular-people definition: A small portion of something that gives you an idea of what the product is.

Regular-person response: “…So, what size are the samples then?”


Fashion-person definition: The loaner clothing and accessories that brands lend out to publications for the purpose of publicity. Typically, samples are consistent in sizing (a 2-4 for clothes and a 9 for shoes).

Fashion-person response: “She will – we booked her from an agency, but I’ll call them to confirm.”



“You should definitely splurge on that leather jacket. It’s such an investment piece.”

Regular-people definition: Spending a certain amount of money with the intent on creating profit.

Regular-person response: “If I sell it in five years, do you think I’ll make enough for another jacket? I should definitely mention this to my accountant then, right?”


Fashion-person definition: A long-lasting, quality made, classic item that will inevitably depreciate in value but will be worn enough to make the amount of the money you spent on it feel justified.

Fashion-person response: “You sure? But, it’s purple.”



“I can’t ever get is straight. Which season is this again?”

Regular-people definition: The four quarters of the year.

Regular-person response: “You seriously asking? There’s snow on the ground. It’s winter.”


Fashion-person definition: One of the two main time spans each year where collections are shown, or sold. Fall/winter presents in February and March and becomes available in stores starting in August. Spring/summer presents in September and October and is available starting in April.

Fashion-person response: “We’re going to see the fall collection right now, but we’re prepping spring content. I know – I get confused too.”



“Anna’s going? You know it’s going to be an event then”

Regular-people definition: The proper noun for a person named Anna.

Regular-person response: “Anna? Do I know Anna?”


Fashion-person definition: The one and only Wintour

Fashion-person response: “Is Grace going too?”

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