International Women’s Day

It’s that time of the year again. That day when we honour the women of the world and praise feminism. This year’s theme regards to gender equality, which I truly hope will soon be a global right. Even though we might think it is, only a few countries allow women the same opportunities as men. I am grateful for being born and raised in Norway, where we more or less have gender equality. A country where women have the opportunity to be successful CEOs, yet still get paid while taking care of their children at home. And what’s better that maternal leave? Paternal leave! Yes, in Norway even the fathers have designated time to stay with their children. Now that’s something I am proud of saying about my home.

However, there is so much that makes a woman successful. Hard work and determination may be one of the things, but what about the smaller things that we tend to not appreciate? This year, I want to dedicate my celebration of the International Women’s Day to all the women that support each other. The women that show humility, yet pride in themselves and others. The bottles of wines that are much needed, and the brilliant person who brings the bottle. For the piece of chocolate that make our break our evening. For the handsome gays that smile at us and allow us to have fantasies. For the guy who helps us out of the subway when the car and station are completely packed. For the waiter who gives us free dessert. For the construction workers who are the only ones that notice when we do something different with our hair. For the artists that make us dance till our feet are bleeding. For the designers and brands that make us feel beautiful. For the men that make us feel special. For the movies that make us laugh. For the events that make us feel accomplished. For the friends that keep us grounded.

Most of all, I want to dedicate this day to the amazing women I have in my life. I am incredibly grateful for having constant inspiration, either it is aunts, sisters, cousins, friends or mothers. This day is for you. Cheers.

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