Valentine of 14

I hope you all had a wonderful celebration on Valentine’s Day. Personally, I don’t believe in this day. Why not show a person that you love them every day of the year rather than just on February 14th? I do however appreciate the history behind the day, but as most things in this country; it gets commercialized until the history is insignificant. I bet most people don’t even know the history. I am having a hard time remembering it myself to be honest.

You don’t always have to believe in something to celebrate it tough. I mean, how many celebrate Christmas for the sake of the birth of Jesus? I can barely give you a handful of dear ones that do. So just because we don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean that we don’t celebrate it. I have had a great tradition with Hege, where we have been working every year these past year. I am proud and a little ashamed to say that the year 2014 is the first year of my life where this day was fully celebrated.

My gorgeous friend Ida has been spending the week here, so I woke up with her cuddling up to me in my bed (what better way to wake up on such a lovely day). We got ready and Ida went to the hairdresser in order to perfect her hair for the evening. While she was busy, Monica and I ran around the East Side trying to find the perfect lingerie to give her. We dropped it off at Maison Kayser where we had planned on surprising her.

The rest of the evening included plenty of flowers, love, good food, laughter, lingerie and hugs. Monica went all out and got me two bouquets of roses. They were so gorgeous that I had to have a shoot with them.

DSC_0021 DSC_0024 DSC_0034 DSC_0033 IMG_1065 IMG_1076 IMG_1079 IMG_1083

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