Baguette de coeur

Heart Shaped Baguette It has been a cold Tuesday in New York City. The polar vortex has influenced my brain as I have been unable to speak properly lately. What happened to global warming? This would be a great time to show yourself! I blame all of this on the movie Frozen.

Lately, Monica and I have been quite a lot at Maison Kayser, an incredible French bakery and restaurant. A full story with plenty of pictures will come soon, but for now I want to share what happened this particular day.

Monica and I have been going to Maison Kayser several times this past week, and it warms our hearts that we know we’ll be back very soon. So why do we spend a handful of hours several times a week at the same place? It should have something to do with the charm of the place, the mouthwatering food, the eye-catching waiters or the incredibly friendly service. We’re still trying to figure that part out.

So today did we not only get free dessert as a part of my suggested loyalty program, but I was handed something very special. Something that was claimed to never have been seen in the restaurant before. It was a heart shaped baguette. The 4 special baguettes were originally made for the bloggers and other press arriving at 8 PM for a special show. I was handed one of them and suddenly there were three left.

I felt so special that I had to share it with you! I sure hope my heart doesn’t break anytime soon.

DSC_0009 DSC_0014

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