2014, you have been anticipated!

Every December we start making lists with reasons why the next year will be the best one. We make resolutions 90 % of us will keep for a few weeks (some even just a few days) and we get excited for what’s to come; a clean slate. A chance to start over and tell everyone “well I haven’t done that this year”.

I hope you had an amazing New Years celebration! I spent mine in Manhattan with Mari who has been here for the past week. We attempted a trip to Times Square, but went and left after deciding not to compete with the cold weather. Instead we watched the show, warm and content from Mari’s hotel room and celebrated with a dose of Eisenberg, Timberlake and Garfield after having watched the Black Swan. It was an intense, yet quiet and relaxing day. Just how I like them.

As for this years New Years resolutions, I don’t have any. As always I intend to stay healthy, avoid bad “stuff” and keep getting the good grades – can’t get any more general than that. I intend to blog more often about the situations I end up in and be confident. I want to read more and spend more time by myself in order to learn more – yet go out and talk to people, let them share their  knowledge with me. And I am never, ever missing another Arrow episode!

2014, I salute you! May we be good friends.


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