Side Effects of New York City

I have had an absolutely amazing weekend with a short visit from dear friends. However, during this week I really noticed how much this city has changed me as a person. After a discussion with my fabulous Jason and self-time I have come up with some main points of what New York City has done to me as a person.

  1. Being open: things that seemed to be taboo or difficult to talk about are suddenly not. To anyone. At any time. Disturbing, I know.
  2. Being honest: ain’t nobody got time for being fake! This urge of expressing my true opinion is pushing through like never before. Things I would never dare to comment on a few months ago are now just flying out of my mouth. And yes, it has put me in some strange positions. Not recommended to anyone.
  3. Being straightforward: this emphasizes my first two points. If I don’t like it I’ll tell rather than doing an effort to try. It’s a horrible quality, but there are just some situations you don’t want to experience again.
  4. Being selective: settling for whatever I get is not an option. This need of having exactly what I want is more dominating than ever. I also have a need of crushing other people’s perspective on things I don’t like (when did that happen??). An example is my friends visiting and being excited about Michael Kors. Ryan Gosling may tell you to be better than The Gap, we’ll tell you to be better than Michael Kors. Yes, I’ve met him, and he’s okay, but no one wants copycat products.Unless you’re a tourist from Norway of course.
  5. Being genuine: If I like you, you will know. If not,  you will probably notice. However, I have learned not to judge and be open to differences; everyone has a story to tell. But if you don’t; leave. This also applies for you. If you judge me or take me as less intelligent because I study fashion, you’re not a keeper.
  6. Being aggressive: especially on 5th avenue. Tourists are not storytellers and interesting, they’re just in my way. This quality developed last year during my semester at Gateway. I have always been patient with people, but some people are just not meant to walk on the same streets as busy New Yorkers.

I have read through my points several times and I am shocked every time. Who is this horrible, apathetic person? Is it me or the New Yorker in me talking, or typing? Is being real a bad thing or is it just what we need to be in order to make it here? They say fake it till you make it, but what if you don’t need to fake it? Do I need to be fake in order to make it?

I don’t know what’s up, so I’m just going to enjoy the city until my fellow Norwegian New Yorkers arrive and can be judges of what I have become.

As Miranda Priestly says; That’s all.


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