The Carrie Diaries Set Visit

After weeks of waiting, we finally visited The Carrie Diaries set in the Steiner Studios, Brooklyn!

The set visit entailed a tour of the set, meeting the cast and watching the process of shooting a scene (it takes quite a lot of time!).

We started by patiently waiting with the extras before taking a tour of the amazing costume department of the show. The costume designer is no other than Eric Daman, who did costumes for Gossip Girl and worked a period at Sex and the City! Along with this set visit, I got a signed copy of his book “You Know You Want It”, which I am super excited to read during the winter holidays.

After hanging out in the 80s playroom, we went straight to the set and walked through the different rooms. It was amazing to see how certain rooms are used for several things, such as the Bradshaw living room also being used as Walt’s bedroom and Carrie’s bedroom was a hang-out spot yesterday. My favorite set was Interview Magazine, especially Larissa’s office and the computers matching the wallpaper.

After walking around and exploring the set, we got to sit and watch the monitors while they were shooting a scene at the diner. It took several hours to shoot a sequence that will probably last only a few minutes on the screen. Eric Daman said that shooting an episode usually takes 7 days, and they lock it after 3-4 weeks, which is also the amount of time they keep some of the borrowed apparel.

After watching the actors doing the same scene at least a million times, we got to hang out with some of them. AnnaSophia went straight to the fitting room, so unfortunately we did not get to meet her. But the rest of the cast that we got to meet were amazing! They seemed very genuine and they were hilarious. We talked to them for about 10 minutes until it was already almost bedtime for the students who left the dorms at 7 AM.

We got car service from the set to the subway stop, and we definitely could not be happier to be back in Manhattan by 10.15 PM. We will be forever grateful for not having to walk alone in the dark in Brooklyn.

Check out the vintage pictures from the 80s party place

IMG_1971 IMG_1972 IMG_1973IMG_1975 IMG_1976 IMG_1979 IMG_1980 IMG_1981IMG_1966 IMG_1959 IMG_1957 IMG_1954

3 thoughts on “The Carrie Diaries Set Visit

  1. Hi, my name is Ashley and I am a huge fan of TCD! Are there tours available and how are you allowed in to view the set? Please please reply! Thank you!

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