Logical Fallacies

A logical fallacy is an unsound argument based on strict principles of validity. Basically, it is half true and half false. There are several types of fallacies, where I believe that this day I am about to tell you about can be defined as propter ergo post hoc fallacy (when unrelated events are explained as causes of each other).

So it all started on Sunday, when Hege and Marie arrived in NYC from Stavanger, Norway. Having them here means that there is constantly a search for finding something new to do and experience, so on Tuesday, we went to Central Park (for their first time). You simply cannot visit New York as a young woman and not get your New York City makeover, so Monica and I took them to the best makeover agents in the city; Barneys.

Our plan was really just to go to Central Park and then get Chinese food, but taking the reroute to Barneys made us face some unexpected consequences. Lately, Monica and I have been going to Barneys quite frequently in order to get our skin all cleared up by using 3LAB products (yes, they work), but somehow we never got the memo about the grand re-opening of the Beauty Level. This was about to start an hour after we arrived at Barneys, so we were told to stick around. There were so many gorgeous waiters walking around, preparing for the opening, that is wasn’t a problem at all.  Hege and Marie got their makeovers, but we weren’t happy, so we sent them to some of the makeup artists we had experience with.

Nicki, who did Marie’s makeup told me that she had a ticket for a fashion event with Vogue’s André Leon Talley. I was instantly intrigued and horrified that she only had one ticket, whereas we were four young women. She did her magic on Marie and on the phone and managed to get three tickets, which sadly still wasn’t enough.

We noticed that the Beauty Level was filling up quickly with all these gorgeous people, and when we looked at the stairs, we saw someone checking people in with an iPad. It turned out to be a VIP party. I panicked, looking at how extremely underdressed we were and sat in the NARS chair in order to at least look like I was in the party-mode.

Champagne was served, makeup was being applied and people were mingling with big smiles, hugs and kisses.

Monica and I ultimately decided to join Nicki at whatever she was going to, and we left Barneys almost four hours after we arrived.

Now this is where it gets even more fun.

We took a cab to 92Y to watch Fashion Icons panel (kinda like Inside the Actors Studio, just with Fashion Icons instead of actors). We went straight through the security and were assigned seats with a great view. We had no clue what we were at, until we saw Michael Kors taking a seat just a few rows in front of us.

André Leon Talley talked about his life, and we were mesmerized by his story and his network!

After the presentation, we went to the closed party, where we actually got to talk to André Leon Talley and the other larger names that were there. We managed to get advice on how to reach far in the Fashion Industry by both André Leon Talley and Michael Kors.

Anyways, this story is already too long. Look at the pictures darlings. x

Due to an attempt of being industry professionals, I didn’t pull out my SLR at the party, so they are taken with my ancient iPhone 4 and some are edited in Instagram.


2 thoughts on “Logical Fallacies

    1. Haha, eg kan heller fortelle deg first hand ka som har skjedd, sånn at du høre det fra meg og ikje må lese på bloggen, men bare se bilder der :*

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