Junk Food: ELEMENTS curated by Kristin Cavallari

It has taken me forever to post this, but here is the last fashion show I did for NYFW.

At this fashion show I was standing by the red carpet and handing out “cheat sheets” to the press and feeling like standing in the way of all the celebrities that were waiting for getting on the carpet. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of people that I knew who were, as this fashion show was hosted by NFL and I am honestly not the most sports-interested young woman you can find in NYC (and we just talked about long run-on sentences in Writing Essentials today).

After a LONG time of just standing by the carpet and smiling we actually got seats at the show, and it was arranged like a football game. It was divided into four quarters with a band playing half ways into the show.

The clothes are inspired by the football uniforms from the teams from the entire country. I didn‘t get a lot of good pictures as I just had my phone and the lighting was a bitch. Yes, I mean that. Check out what I did manage to capture:

(and yes, that cat is real)

IMG_1126 IMG_1127 IMG_1132 IMG_1137 IMG_1142 IMG_1145 IMG_1148 IMG_1156 IMG_1172 IMG_1180 IMG_1194 IMG_1198 IMG_1204 IMG_1216 IMG_1226 IMG_1243 IMG_1249 IMG_1263 IMG_1269

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