Richard Chai: LOVE

My first show for MBFW was Richard Chai’s LOVE collection.

My day started at 5.45 AM as I had to be at Lincoln Center by 8.00 AM. I was doing the usual morning stress-session and managed to arrive backstage by 07.55, despite the train being almost 20 minutes late.

Feeling hungry and sleep deprived I was ready to get to work, but ended up waiting for almost 40 minutes before I could enter the RC backstage area. However, when we first got backstage, the action started.

There were different groups of volunteers; CFDA (with blue t-shirts), Maguire Steele (the company presenting the show) and me; the one student from LIM College. So while I was filling the make-up bags with the MS volunteers, the CFDA ones had to put seat numbers on all the seats. We were at it for quite a while before color coordinating the makeup bags on the second rows. The blue t-shirts made the gift bags for the first row.

When the gifts for the first two rows were done, we had to attach the seat number to the seats with tape. (A LOT of WORK)

After that, we went backstage to hair and makeup to eat, but we never made it that far. Or actually I made it over to the table, but I never managed to eat anything. They served bagels, fresh fruit, popsicles and coffee – hot and cold.

There was press everywhere, and in the middle of running back and forth, there were two people handing out electronic cigarettes. How amazing is that? I still have mine right in front of me, and smile every time I look at it.

At about 10.30 we had the walk through, which is the test show. Richard Chai was sitting front row and commented throughout the show.

The show started right after 11 and some of the big names on the list were: The Jonas Brothers, Colton Haynes, Louise Roe, Christina Ricci, Nick Cannon and many others!

IMG_0838 IMG_0843 IMG_0847 IMG_0849 IMG_0853 IMG_0855 IMG_0860 IMG_0857 IMG_0866 IMG_0871 IMG_0879 IMG_0895 IMG_0904 IMG_0916 IMG_0921 IMG_0933 IMG_1049

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