The LIM New Student Orientation.

I can‘t believe it‘s almost over! At one point it felt like the week would never end, but now classes start tomorrow and I know that I’m not the only one who can‘t wait! Unlike “Fadderuka” in Norway (NSO) where the returning students take the freshmen to a drunken state they may not have explored before, the NSO at LIM has been all about exploring the city and the campus. We‘ve power walked like champions and had longer days than ever.

Let me orientate you on what this week has been all about; 

Tuesday; Move in day. All day spent on unpacking and buying useful stuff for the dorms.

Wednesday; Met our orientation leaders at 7.15 AM and were welcomed by the faculty at The Sheraton. Explored some of the city on our way to the first campus before scheduling our classes. Visiting Highland Park

Thursday; Going to all three buildings of the campus.

Friday; Lunch with some of the faculty, presentation about security and volunteer work in NYC and dinner & dancing at The Hornblower Hybrid Yacht.

Saturday; Day of Service: do volunteer work in the city. Yes I actually went to bed at 9 this day.

Sunday – TODAY – LIM Street fair, and yes the college has reserved an entire street on 5th Avenue for this.

There‘s been a lot going on this week and I‘ve met so many new and amazing people. I can‘t wait for the real college life to start now. I’m in the best city in the world surrounded by the best people (except for all of my besties back in Norway).

Let the games begin.

Here are some of the unedited pictures from Friday

IMG_0676 IMG_0733 IMG_0695 IMG_0703 IMG_0718

2 thoughts on “#LIMNSO

  1. Du mååå fortelle om hvordan LIM er! Jeg tenker å flytte tilbake til New York neste høst og trenger så mange tips jeg kan få. I forhold til skole og bo:)

    Får du støtte av Lånekassen til studet på LIM?:)

    Gleder meg til å lese masse om New York på bloggen din, kan nesten ikke vente til jeg er tilbake i byen selv.

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