Hello, goodbye

The United States of America, I am pleased to inform you that I am back!

I landed at JFK on Sunday, went straight to Westport, CT. and now I’m spending my last hours here before moving in to the dorm. I would also like to inform you that the time is 6.11 AM, I am sitting by the kitchen counter ready to go out as soon as my hair dries. I am almost done with breakfast, which consists of a dash of peanut butter with some bread underneath it (yes, it‘s good to be back).

I took the train from Grand Central, and man was is hard to drive through the city knowing that I won‘t be there until two days later. But luckily the day has arrived. A little bit too early in the morning, but we can live with that.

Today is the start of something new. It feels so right to be here with you. Wait. Got carried away there. But seriously, I’ll be moving to the Upper East Side, which is quite the upgrade from last years Downtown apartment. I’ll post pictures of the room later today.

As for now, I have not talked to my roommate and I have no clue who she is. I find this a bit terrifying, yet relieving. No matter how much we might say that we don’t judge, we all do. Especially based on someones pictures online. I am excited to meet her and I truly hope she feels the same.

Well, wish me luck. And have some McQueen:

Alexander McQueen

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