So the “promise” about getting better at updating my blog these past months kinda fell down the drain…

Anyhow, the hard work  really paid off. Paid a huge amount, really. Seriously… I can happily tell you that I will be joining the Fashion Merchandising class of 2017 at LIM College this fall! How exciting is that?!

These past weeks have been all about packing and giving “see you next year” hugs to my closest friends.  And on top of that I have tried modelling. Yeah, yeah laugh all you want. I will probably post a few pictures when I get to New York. Just don‘t hold your breath.

I’ll be leaving on Sunday, which means that this chaotic room I’m sitting in right now has to be completely cleared out by tomorrow. My dad keeps calling Sunday for D-day, but is it really? Yes, this is me taking the big leap (last year was a smaller one) and I’m actually moving out. However, what does the fact that I’m moving to the other side of the ocean really mean? I‘ve been working 7 days a week for a while, which means that most of my friends and family have barely seen me. Will the fact that I move mean that they suddenly won‘t talk to me anymore? We‘re talking about a person with over 12 000 points on Snapchat here.

If you‘re one of those who didn‘t get any of my “precious” time these past week, I sincerely apologize and hope I’ll see you next year. Or take a trip to New York. You’ll find me on the Upper East Side.

As that‘s been said. Check out what we‘ve been up to lately;

Wine and shrimps on Marie‘s boat


More boats and seafood in Mandal, here‘s Natalie and I


Yes. I bought a gorgeous t-shirt.IMG_0423

Sushi and my first legal 20-year drink at Hall Toll with my sweetheart Martine.



I spent two days in the kitchen and ended up with this:

Waiting for the photographer at a shoot. DSC_0167

This is Britney. She’s cool. Hasn‘t accepted my friend request on Facebook though.DSC_0255

Celebrated my birthday in Oslo with my mom, sister and other lovely ladies.DSC_0284

Still in Oslo. Abused by the women behind the camera.DSC_0345


Gotta get back to the packing! See you in New York!


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