Back from the long lost

My dearest blog,

I know I have had a bad habit of disappearing, but WOW! I just checked up on my blog and realised that my blog isn‘t dead (like I thought it was). I can‘t believe how many comments I‘ve gotten, and this truly inspires me to keep writing.

Here‘s a small update on what‘s going on here; I will be moving back to New York this fall, this time as a Undergrad student! Which has resulted in me working 7 days a week in order to save up for the expenses. I haven‘t felt like blogging when I don‘t have something interesting to write about. I don‘t want to end up as one of the so called “pink blogs” where the only thing I can write about is my outfit. I am not a pure fashion blogger, so I’m not going to pretend like I’m one either. Having blog posts like: Today I went to work and I sold plenty of pretty clothes and burgers is out of the question too, so here I am, working my butt off and trying to find inspiration in my daily life.

In between all this working, I try to spend time with my friends, and below you can see some of the pictures taken at the “I‘ve had my Facebook profile picture too long and I need a new one”-photo shoot for about two weeks ago. These are taken at Madla, at the monument called Sverd i Fjell, meaning “swords in a mountain”.

Edel Edel Edel Edel & Alice Edel & Alice

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