Manhattan walk

Every single day here is a constant reminder of how much I love Manhattan, why I love Manhattan and why I simply just don‘t want to go back to Norway. However, the last couple of days have been a mix of exploring The City, shopping and bed rest while being sick. Unfortunately, I don‘t have time or energy to be sick, so I try my best to just ignore it. And it has worked. Kinda.

On Monday I walked from our apartment in The Financial District all the way up to Central Park, a whole round around Central Park and then back home through 5th Avenue. It was quite a walk and took about 6 hours and 15 minutes (yes, the break is included). Today I walked up to Riverside Drive Park, kept on walking all the way up to Riverside Drive and 107th Street, before I walked to Central Park again and took the train home from Columbus Circle. That walk took me about 4 hours.

The reason for why I like walking is explained perfectly here, from the magazine The Daily Muse, where the article is written by Natalie Jesionka. I like walking. It helps me think and just enjoy being in New York. Half of the fun here is to just look around and admire the people, architecture, the traffic, the noise and how suddenly it’s completely silent in Central Park.

I took some pictures today, and I would like to dedicate this blogpost to the love of my life – Manhattan, and my best friend: Kristine.

New York Streets Riverside Drive Architecture Memorial New York Riverside Drive Park Bricks Riverside Drive View Broadway and 107th Street Central Park West Sunset in Manhattan Sunset in Manhattan Sunset in manhattan Central Park Central Park Sunset Sunset in Manhattan Skyline Bridge Central Park Bethesda Terrace Central park Bethesda Fountain Bethesda Terrace Bethesda Terrace Roof IMG_2088

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