New Yorker

As the student life is over, it‘s time for the real New York life to begin!

Unconsciously I put on my Elin Kling for Guess by Marciano, Michael Kors blazer, specially sent hat from Germany and went to school to meet up with the girls. We started our day with handing in books and went straight to Dunkin Donuts for a last hot chocolate and doughnut together. As I don‘t like doughnuts (weirdly enough), I ended up with the best hot chocolate ever (yes, even better than Max Brenner’s).

We went to West Village and stopped by several shops on the way. For the first time in a very long time, we felt like tourists as we we’re carrying cameras and we stopped several places in order to take pictures. On our way to Magnolia Bakery, we stopped by Michael Kors and Carrie Bradshaw’s place. We also stopped by Sockerbit in order to get a piece of Scandinavian Christmas. This was of course after our stop by Moods of Norway, where we had the privilege of speaking Norwegian to the woman in the register. After several trips to the different Marc Jacobs store, I ended up with two bags from BookMarc, which has now become one of my favorite stores.

We had lunch at Café Angelique, where I just had a latte (very interesting, I know) and then we separated after a trip to Bisous Ciao for macaroons. Mari, Sunniva and I went to The Highland Park, where we had the cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery while watching the sunset. It was an amazing moment, and when we though life just could‘t get better, The Norwegian Gem cruise ship passed us. Oh, how the smiles on our faces expanded.

After buying a suitcase for Mari, we went to Century 21 by Lincoln Center. This is the last shop we went to and of course I ended up with an YSL scarf. 100% wool and made in Italy. I have to say that my mind, body and soul is completely satisfied.

The first real non-student day started today, and is celebrated with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show that starts… NOW!

Flowes Gateway College TribecaNew YorkChristmas Tree SoHOGod JulSockerbitMichael KorsChristmas Trees BowThe Magnolia BakeryCupcakes Magnolia BakeryCupcakes Magnolia BakeryCarrie Bradshaw’s ApartmentCafe AngeliqueLatte Cafe AngeliqueEdel Singh SoHOWhite Flowers West VillageBleeker Street RecordsMoods Of Norway BagCookiesMacaroons Bisous CiaoHighland ParkNorwegian GemSunset from Highland ParkSunniva Highland Park Red velvet CupcakeGoogle HeadquartersShopping Bags

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