Almost done

My fine readers, how has you week been?

I realized that I never really include my readers in my posts, and I have decided that this is something that is going to change!

Today is a very slow day. I, along with my fellow Gateway students, am really tired. Exhausted actually. This exam week has been very tiring, even though the effort put in to the studying has been minimal. I have had Camp Rock marathon, High School Musical Marathon, watched The Lucky One, The Last Song, The Amazing Spiderman and just been really sad. The exams however have been going quite well. I guess hard work during the semester pays off. Oh, wait… What hard work?

It was impossible to concentrate yesterday, so I ended up with taking a long walk in SoHO. I had to drop some pictures off at school anyways, and I ended up staying there for a while. I actually got to transfer the pictures to a memory stick while sitting the Jon‘s chair. The boss’ chair.

So before trying to start reading for Business English, I just want to inform all New Yorkers about Dag Hol’s exhibition that is opening tomorrow at the NoHO Gallery. The address is:

530 W 25th St, 4th Floor
New York (Chelsea)
NY, 10001

I can‘t believe we‘re done tomorrow!!! Celebration at the Harvard Club!

Smiles from New York!

Edel Singh Zuccotti park

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