It all started with Daniel Craig

These past days have been IN-sane! I don‘t know where to begin… Well, I’ll begin with Friday.

On Friday we had our Business for a Day Show. The entire show was really impressive and some of the groups had really good business ideas! One of our group members left because she wasn’t feeling well minutes before we were going onstage, which of course stressed out the remaining 3 of us. We managed to get through it and I am beyond satisfied with my A.

My aunt Silje also landed on Friday, which was of course something to celebrate. Because I never got to see her or my uncle on Friday, the girls and I went to the Breaking Dawn Pt II premiere. MAN WHAT A MOVIE?! I’ll shut up right here.

On Saturday, Aditi and I went to school at 10 AM along with other girls from both the Human Rights and Fashion classes. This was a 4 hour long women’s leadership course for the Prizm Project. Natalie, the Human Rights professor has done a great job with this, and I recommend all girls and women to check it out!

After the course, I was meeting my uncle and aunt, but as they were still out shopping, I went to the Starbucks right over the Trump SoHO where they stayed. While working hard on my fashion management project, a man suddenly stared into Starbucks through the window. Then I started staring at him. I recognized him, but I just could‘t pinpoint from where. Then I started smiling, and as he was staring at me, he started smiling. And then he moved on. Who was he? Well, it was Daniel Craig.

After landing back on earth, my uncle and aunt came and I never imagined how incredibly happy that would make me!

We chilled out in their hotel room with the most incredible view from the 35th floor and Moët & Chandon champagne.After some hours of quality time, they had to leave to Long Island while I went home with two big bags with presents.

On Sunday we went to Century 21 and had lunch at the most amazing place in Manhattan! I highly recommend you to check out Cafe Fiorelli which is located right by Lincoln Center. The line was long when we entered, but while waiting, we had some amazing chocolate while admiring the meringue cake. We were told that we had to wait about 15 Italian minutes (ha ha), and were served Prosecco while waiting. 5 minutes later, we got a table and indescribable cake and muffins. We ordered brunch, where I had the most amazing salmon salad I’ve ever had. Even better; we got complimentary drinks.

After the long stare on the cake, we decided to order dessert. My uncle had home-made pistachio gelato, my aunt had the meringue cake, while I was too curious about the bucket of chocolate mousse. When dessert was served, I got a plate and a waiter came with two buckets with a handle attached. He threw chocolate mousse and whipped cream into my plate and we couldn’t do anything else than laugh. That is just the craziest thing I have ever encountered! The meringue cake was all crazy as well! We managed to eat like 1/5 of our dessert each and then we moved on to Central Park, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys and walked through 5th Avenue to Times Square. After a short trip to the hotel, we went to The Strip for dinner.

So where should I begin with The Strip? I have never had more delicious meat in my entire life. We had The New York Strip (their speciality) with potato puree, creamed corn, steamed asparagus and delicious wine. The meal was concluded with the Strips chocolate cake consisting of 24 layers. It is so heavy that 1 piece is enough for the entire table, where I took the leftovers home that I shared with Karina and it took 2 days to finish it. THAT is crazy!

Monday was their shopping day while I tried to do some homework. It ended with me rather wanted to watch Star Trek and I fell asleep after 15 minutes.

On Tuesday I had my fashion presentation, which I also got an A on, and I met up with my uncle and aunt after school at TGIF. We had drinks and chips with artichoke and spinach dip. After a short trip to our apartment, we went to The Strip again where we had dinner. Dinner was followed by drinks at the bar by The Trump SoHO. While cherishing the last minutes together, we met fashion designer Pamela Dennis. Apparently, if you want to meet talented people or celebrities, Trump SoHO is the place to go! I won’t even start mentioning the list of celebrities I’ve seen the last couple of days…

Saying goodbye was sad, but it still felt good knowing that I’ll see them again in about 54-55 days. I went home, put on Star Trek and fell asleep AGAIN!

I am satisfied and grateful for the fantastic days I’ve had with some of my closest family.

Check out the pictures!

As for now, I am preparing for Thanksgiving by watching Star Trek, followed by Spiderman.

Happy Thanksgiving people!

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