Elin Kling for Guess by Marciano

You’re never going to believe what we did today. And yes we do have pictures.

When going on our weekly shopping round in SoHO on Tuesday, Sunniva and I ended up at GUESS by Marciano. I don‘t have words for how much I love that store! Not only do they offer great clothes, but their service is impeccable. The way they light up when we enter the store is worth the visit alone. So, after too many trips there, I finally decided to take the big step and actually buy something.

And of course I ended up with tops from the Elin Kling Collection (check it out here). I justified the purchase with the fact that I got an A on my oral exam, and therefore it was okay to spend my food-money on clothes instead.

Anyways, after a conversation about Elin Kling, we ended up getting invited to this VIP event happening today. Who can say no to meeting one of the fashion industry’s most accomplished people? At least I couldn’t! And I would never have allowed Sunniva to not attend.

So today has been all about getting early out of school and getting ready for meeting my inspiration and motivation for most of the things I do. You can read more about Elin Kling in my previous post by clicking here.

Long story short, we got ready, went, I bought new shoes on the way over (they were gorgeous and surprisingly comfortable the first hour… you know the rest), we stopped by Bloomingdales for a free manicure by la prarie, free cupcakes and then we finally managed to enter one of my favorite stores in The City!

We were welcomed with champagne, a hug and tasteful miniature pastries. Could you really ask for more? Well actually I could. Where was Elin?

So after scanning the store too many times, we decided to just sit down, relax and have some champagne.

People! She’s here!

For the first time since the rehearsal of Demo 2011 I actually felt star struck. I really thought I was immune to that by now, but NO. Make that a big fat no. I just couldn‘t stop smiling like a dork and I was getting nervous. I think my nerves were more based on the fear of her being a bit full of herself, but man that was a useless and pointless fear! She was incredibly sweet and she seemed really down to earth. Our conversation was of course in Norwegian and Swedish and it felt great! And yes, I did give her my card.

Of course I ended up buying another top, but when you feel it, you’ll know why. And there was free stuff included. You know the rule; never say no to free stuff.

Check out the pictures!

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