Inspiration: Elin Kling

Elin Kling is the writer of one of the largest fashion blogs in the world. Ever since my lovely Astrid introduced me to her blog, the Swedish woman and everything she has going on has been a constant inspiration. She is also one of the main reasons for why I actually moved to New York to study fashion. I might not have a fashion blog, but fashion is definitely the one thing that keeps me going.

So what is so special about Elin Kling?

Here‘s some info on what she‘s done from her website:

She started her online career in 2007, launching Scandinavia’s largest fashion-blog; Style By Kling. The blog has won several awards, both as a blog and as a web-tv-show, inspired by the blog.

Elin Kling got her start in fashion as the fashion editor of the lifestyle magazine SOLO. Later, she was the front of the fashion department of Sweden’s second largest daily newspaper; EXPRESSEN. During this time TV4, Sweden’s largest TV network, hosted her blog. In 2009 she was the head stylist for Swedish Idol and in 2010 she competed in Dancing with the Stars.

She is the co-founder and partner of fashion networks, the owner of one of the world’s leading online platforms for fashion NOWMANIFEST, which was recently sold to Conde Nast.

She is the fashion director of her own critically acclaimed magazine STYLEBY, founded together with Sweden’s largest media power-house Bonnier.

Elin Kling is also the co-founder of the clothing brand NOWHERE and the first fashion blogger in the world to ever have had her own collection for H&M (launched spring 2011).  She was also featured in Net-A-Porter’s spring 2012 campaign, shot by the legendary Patrick DeMarchelier. Fall 2011, forces were joined with GUESS by MARCIANO in order to create the brand‘s FIRST EVER design collaboration. This collection just hit the stores!

I checked it out today, and WOW! Not only are the garments pretty and polished, the fabrics are really something! I highly recommend everyone to check the clothes out! At least touch and feel them!

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