Matt Bomerism

So my facebook friends have probably noticed some strange things happening on my wall lately. At least the Gateway students here in NY. We have created a new religion called Matt Bomerism, where we have dedicated ourselves to the drop dead gorgeous Matt Bomer. Whether you have watched White Collar or not, we are sure that this guy will be able to steal every romantic women’s heart. He is most famous for his role in White Collar as the world-class conman Neal Caffrey who is working as an CI (consultant) for the FBI with Special Agent Peter Burke. Neal Caffrey is a confident quick-witted man with an intelligence people could only imagine having. He has an answer to most things and his looks speaks for itself. I have to apologize to Sondre as this fanclub has taken up most of my attention, leaving his unattended. I truly recommend everyone to check out White Collar! And yes, Matt Bomer also plays in Magic Mike, but he isn‘t half as appealing in that movie as he is in White Collar. So do we like Matt Bomer or Neal Caffrey? You tell me.

And why do we really worship this man, who is gay and has three kids?



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