Lights and the Financial District

The last couple of weeks have been surreal. We have been living under unusual conditions with Sandy and the aftermath and a lot of things are happening at school now. We had our oral mock exams yesterday, and the final mocks are next week. We also have the Business for a Day presentations/show next Friday. The week after is when we have to give the presentations of our Fashion Management projects, requiring us to have created a brand and a collection for Fall 2013 (which I am actually looking forward to). After the Thanksgiving weekend the Final Exam week starts and ends on Saturday with a Business English exam and the Graduation Party. It‘s all going really fast now. Almost too fast.

I can‘t believe that most of the students have 3 weeks left in NY. I can‘t imagine how it‘s going to be here without them. Even though most students are going home, some are staying longer for a certain time. Karina will be going back December 19th and Aditi and I won‘t be back in Norway before next year.

So, what to do when you’re kinda homesick, demotivated, tired and christmasy? Well, light some candles, have some wine, stare at Matt Bomer, have some more wine and walk around the Financial District. And that is exactly what has been done here. Check it out.

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