Thank heaven for 7/11

Did you check the calendar today? It‘s 7/11. Man how I laughed at this. I realize that my humor is getting worse by every single day. This is extremely evident through the Gateway College Blog which I also write for. Click here to check it out. My conversations with the dear Karina are also completely crazy. CRAZYTIMES with CRAZYKRAINS. Okay I better shut up now. *stoptyping*

And now I realize that it is really 11/7 today. Crap. According to the Norwegian calendar it‘s 7/11, so we’ll go with that!

It‘s been snowing most of the day here. Seems like Tony has arrived to pay his visit to the city. I really wanted the other Tony to come here though. Tony Stark that is. Wouldn‘t it be a lot cooler if suddenly Ironman came and showed his face everywhere instead of this wet snow? It‘s not even real snow.

Anyways… A celebration is in order after Obama won the election yesterday! We all sat on our macs, updating the websites every 5 seconds while watching the Pix11 news! It got pretty crazy, but we knew that America would choose the right leader for their country.

Here‘s some pictures from yesterday and one from today. If you’re able to guess which one I took today correctly, you’re damn good!

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