Cold wind blows

School has finally started again and it started in chaos. We have 18 hours we have to catch up, but ended up with shortening our 5-hour day to a 2-hour day. Hopefully, thing will be back to normal tomorrow! The school day got a lot better when Karina came with my iPad mini!

Here’s an update on the latest news;

Things are getting better after the storm, we got hot water on Saturday, the internet started working today, but we still don‘t have heat or an elevator. And NY is getting COLD. Getting out of bed is just horrifying and the temperature isn‘t exactly making the situation any easier. Even though we are able to take hot showers, it takes an hour to get the hot water and the amount of water that actually comes out in the shower is minimal.

This weekend has been coolio! It was spent with great people, like the Silver Towers girls on Friday to Saturday (YES SLEEPOVER!!!) where we had dinner at Applebee’s and played cards till about 3 AM. I also got a makeover at Sephora, check out the pictures.

On Saturday Karina made dinner for Fride, Rebekka, Ingrid and I. It was an interesting mix of Mexican and typically Norwegian food. Oh, how I wish she could cook every day!

In other news, my uncle and aunts wedding reception party went beyond expectations in Stavanger. Peder aka LidoLido was one of the performers, who sung a song to the newly wed couple. Everyone seemed satisfied except me – because I wasn’t there!!!

Check out the pictures – the unexplainable pictures are from Armani 5th Avenue. If you‘re in NY, check out that store!

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