Sandy the Dandy. The conclusion

So the supermegastorm is over and New York has gone from being a ghost-city to a slightly populated city. It‘s still quiet here and there aren‘t really a lot of people outside. The cold weather may be a factor in deciding whether people want to go out or not though… Anyways, I am LOVING the fact that I can actually go outside and the weather is chilly. It reminds me of Norwegian summers ha ha.

So did the storm affect us? Oh yes indeed it did. Our local Starbucks was completely under water and the car parked outside it was also completely downed. The NYPD did a fantastic job in ensuring that we‘re safe and keeping our building updated on the current status. Our building was affected by the flood, leaving our basement entirely destroyed, causing the hot water and heat generators nonfunctioning. What does that mean for us? We don‘t have hot water or heat in our ice cold apartment! That is why I am currently seeking shelter at the Silver Towers residences with my dear Mari and Sunniva. I have been coming here for hot showers and great company. It‘s been all about playing our cards right and eating junk food, ice cream and chocolates.

Our apartment does not have internet either, making blogging kind of impossible. I will try to get out more, walking down all the 132 steps on the stairs to get to a Starbucks that‘s actually open. Most of the stores around us are still closed, but hopefully they will be opening soon!

We have been to The Norwegian Seamen‘s Church, eaten some waffles, charged our electronic equipment and seen some new faces and smiles. We shared our experiences and how we were affected, and it is very comforting to know that we have this Norwegian environment here. Our school, Gateway College, has also been incredible with checking up on us!

Anyways, a lot of things are still not working, like the trains, the mobile network is still quite unstable and our school has been closed all week. We still don‘t know if it’s going to open on Monday, as the trains aren‘t going to under 34 street, and there isn‘t any electricity downtown (except in the Financial District). We‘re not entirely updated on all damage done by Sandy, but the most important thing is that most people are safe and New York is working together to re-build this city.

Here are some pictures from the storm time

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