Sandy the Dandy Part I

I guess you‘ve all heard about the supermegastorm approaching NY. I thought it would be kind  of fun to make to blog posts – one before the storm and one after. If you‘re friend, family or another concerned Norwegian, you can read an article about me and my friend Philip here in NY by clicking here.

So basically our last couple of days have involved a lot of speculation about Sandy – the Frankenstorm. It‘s a storm, no actually it‘s a hurricane. Well, it can‘t be a tropical hurricane because it doesn‘t draw its power from the heat in the ocean. So what is it? It‘s a storm that draws energy from the temperature differences in the atmosphere. Along with the cold Arctic wind, it becomes a superstorm, no, a megastorm. As we say in Norway; “kjært barn har mange navn”, meaning a dear child has many names. So does this little sweetheart. No matter how many definitions it gets, the name of the thing is still Sandy. Sandy the Frankenstorm. Or should we just call it Sandy. We’ll leave it at Sandy.

Anyways… We’ve been reading about how the southern eastern states have been going all crazy and hysterical lately, but we decided not to take the same path. Until earlier today. We never went crazy and hysterical, but we decided that it was better to be prepared for the worst case scenario. But that only applied to that extent that we would stay at home (even though we live in the red zone). People around us have been evacuated, but we believe that we’ll be safe here. I took a trip to the store and saw how people went crazy on buying all kind of things. I ended up with a very strange look on the cashiers face when I was going to pay for my milk, candles and 100 teabags. I do actually have food at home and I don‘t need to go all crazy like too many others have. It‘s just a storm, isn’t it?

So the trains and everything were supposed to be stopped at 7 pm. Apparently they‘re still going and we haven‘t even seen a drop of rain. Knock-wood.

I have to say waiting for Sandy is extremely boring.

On the other hand, Fride, Karina‘s visitor, has to stay here longer, and I really don‘t mind a fresh face around here!

Of course we had to find things to do, so here’s a list of things to do:

– Listen to Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars. Or by Bob Dylan.

– Make a stormdance

– Watch “Jul i Blåfjell”

– Watch movies and tv series

– Drink plenty of tea

– Do homework

– Look out the window

-Eat popcorn

– Practice kickboxing

– Drink some more tea

– Go to bed

Check out our very local Sandy-prep


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