Mexican Business

And there the weekend returned! And it‘s already over…

Time management in New York is literally impossible. You may plan to do certain things until certain days, but where did the days in between go? Have you seen my days? Because clearly, I‘ve lost them! Now we‘re over half ways in our semester, the mid-term exams are over (guess who‘s a straight A-student so far), and the deadlines for our projects are coming up in no time.

But just because we don’t have time for school, that does’t mean that we don‘t have time for fun! Like yesterday, we had a Mexican Business themed party! No we did not do any drugs or even considered drug dealing, the only drug available was our love (cliche!). We really wanted a Mexican themed party, but since it had already been done at Gateway College, we decided to make it a business party as well. So thereof Mexican Business.

The party took place in Silver Towers and we were a great group of young women. We ate delicious taco’s and had drinking games and a piñata on the entertainment menu. The entire evening was a blast, so check out the pictures

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