Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker

A smart, old man by the name of “50 Cent” once said something about that he would take me to a candy shop. After several years of waiting I decided to take the matter into my own hands. And so I did. And I brought an accomplice. Brita.

It‘s strange how you just change your attitude towards things as you get older… And live in larger cities… If it‘s one thing I‘ve learned the past year, it is to never judge someone before you actually get to know them. Being as judgemental as I am, it‘s difficult, but that quality has also lead me to some of the best friends I have today. I have of course made some bad decisions through the years, but they are strongly outweighed by the good ones. But why am I mentioning this now? Actually, I’m not quite sure, but I believe it has something to do with me suddenly being surrounded by a lot of new and friendly faces. And I like it. Actually I love it!

So you‘re probably wondering who Brita is, and I guess you already figured out here nationality. Yes, she is Norwegian. Not only is she Norwegian, but she’s from the same area as me. We went to the same primary school… and I never saw her since… How many years has gone by? I believe six, almost seven years since our last encounter. As she started high school, she contacted me. And of course, she is a student at St Olav (where I went as well). Bet I would‘t have talked to her if she went to another school… Just kidding! Not only does she go to the school I went to, suddenly she was coming to New York! Sly as I am, I asked her to bring Norwegian chocolate, and in return, she would get to meet me. Okay, a joke, but not entirely. I figured since she was coming here with her father, I might as well give this sweet, young woman some girl-time here in the most wonderful city in the world. And the package included a lot of fashion facts.

I hate it when people can’t keep their promises, so unlike 50 Cent, I actually took her to the candy shop! And not any candy shop, but the very best. I took her to Dylan’s Candy Bar. Huh? Who’s Dylan? Dylan’s last name is Lauren. Yes, she is indeed the daughter of Ralph Lauren, and when she was young, she told her fashionable father; Dad, I want a candy store. And she got one. The Candy Bar is filled with delicious and sweet treats, and the entire store is a collaboration of the top notch designers, contractors and candy-people in the United States (not sure if they’re actually the best in the world). I truly recommend everyone to check out the store, it‘s like every sugar-shock-seekers dream. I went all bananas in there, and just when you thought it could‘t get any better… wait for it…. They have a BAR in the second floor. Or actually it‘s more like a café, but you can order drinks, shots, frozen yoghurts, cupcakes, ice cream, coffee and more goodies. And you can even sit in giant cupcakes and enjoy the 90 % sugar item you have purchased. I truly recommend everyone with the possibility to stop by there when in New York.

Didn’t really take a lot of pictures yesterday, but here’s the ones I managed to take

I have started to watermark my pictures, and there is a good reason – I have found my pictures on various websites, being used without authorization.  Aaaand I was told to watermark them by the school in case they need to use them. The size of the watermarking depends on the resolution of the picture – and now you can identify which pictures that are taken with my SLR, iPhone and the ones that have been edited in Instagram.

Have a sweet weekend!

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