We were chasing Chace

So…. Here’s the pictures some of you might have been waiting for. The pictures are taken by me, Åshild, Mari, Eirin and Lise as a collaborative work for the best memories possible of this magnificent day. The day we saw Chace Crawford. With our own eyes. And the day he broke our hearts by kissing another women while we were standing on the opposite street, wishing he would come running for one of us.

This day was actually a lot of fun! We decided that we would check out the Gossip Girl filming in the Financial District, and after walking around and scratching our heads over where they were, we talked to some people and found out where they really were. Some German girls followed us. While running around, we suddenly SPOTTED a lot of people and Chace Crawford. Sadly, he looks even better in reality. Of course, it took us some time to realize that next to Chace was Robert John Burke who plays Bart Bass. By the end of the day, he turned out to be our favorite on the set as he responded to our waving.

By the way, do you know those days when you hate yourself for leaving your SLR camera at home? Today was one of those days. Check out the pictures!

And of course the grand finale….

Remember the season premiere of Gossip Girl on Monday!

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