Plum Perfect

The last two weeks have been crazy here at  Gateway College, as we’ve had several guest speakers and we’ve even had a lecture at FIT. Okay, it wasn’t a lecture, but a panel discussion with our Fashion Management Professor and 3 other online retailers working in the fashion industry (From Material Wrld, Rent the Runway and Shop my Label)

Today we got a presentation from the women behind Plum Perfect – Asmau, the founder and her expensive marketing guy (woman), Lara (it’s been all about the different guys during our fashion classes lately). This is a company based on helping you find the right products/apparel customized for your needs by one snap. Huh, a snap? Yup, it‘s all based on color combinations and all you have to do is to send a picture. These girls are working with the bug guys – Macy’s, Lancôme, Sephora, Benefit and plenty of other huge brands!

Download the app by clicking here

Here’s what they say about themselves. This is taken from their website (which you can visit by clicking here):

“Who we are — We’re lipstick lovers in lab coats – entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, and technologists, who just happen to also be busy women and unabashed beauty junkies!

What we love — Math, mascara, statistics, eye shadow, chemistry, lip gloss, formulations, blush, digital imagery, primer, artificial intelligence, and looking our best!

Why we do this — Because we DO think there is a science to looking good and makeup should be fun!

About the founder
Like most women, Plum Perfect founder Asmau loves shopping but found it more and more frustrating to do, especially as “life took over” — a demanding job, then a family, left absolutely no time for leisurely browsing. What she needed was a way to efficiently shop — in stores or online — and find the right beauty products, just for her. It was clear to her that other women felt the same way and if she could develop a recommendation engine that actually worked — it would be a hit.

Always looking for a challenge, she set out to build a technology that would enable shoppers to take a photo to instantly locate their best makeup colors at the local store or online. Everyone could shop from the comfort of home and buy with confidence.

She is pleased to bring you Plum Perfect — Your photo. Our search. Your look, Instantly.”

Link to App store here

Okay, so why am I showing you this? Well, Asmau and her team needs feedback. Lots of feedback, so if you download this app – and leave a comment of what you think about it, and you‘re a part of a challenge! 

If you don‘t have an iPhone, don‘t worry, just visit their website, check it out and leave a comment!


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