A walk to remember

The sun was shining and the sky was somewhat blue today, so we decided to walk over Brooklyn Bridge. I put my sunglasses on and took the train to the City Hall, and guess what. The sky opened and the rain was pouring like a mug sifting water down on the ground. The good thing about this extreme rain is that it doesn‘t really last long. After about 30-45 minutes it stopped and we were good to go. We started our walk with cookies and coffee at Starbucks and ended it with cupcakes and coke at Times Square. Kinda tossed my “healthy weekend” in the garbage there…

The walk over Brooklyn Bridge was great, even though the wind was quite cold. The fall has definitely arrived here in New York, even though Manhattan was actually colder than Brooklyn. Having watched all the episodes of Gossip Girl, I knew that I should‘t have high hopes for Brooklyn. Who would ever want to live in the borough of the Lonely Boy? Well I do! For some reason, people seemed a lot more relaxed in Brooklyn. There was more soul to the little area we saw today. There was a live band and art festivals going on as well as a moderate amount of tourists who actually knew how to let people pass them. One thing about Brooklyn though – it smells. I’m not sure if the entire borough smells or just the end of the bridge, but it smelled weird. Most probably, it’s just the little area that smells.

On our way back from Brooklyn, we saw a smoking car. It wasn’t smokin’ hot, it was really smoking. Like smoke coming out of the vehicle! We were quite intimidated by the thought of that it might actually explode, so we ended up taking the train back to Manhattan. It took us over 30 minutes and a very long walk to find a subway stop, but in the end Ida used her super height to spot the stop and we ended up in Times Square.

Ida’s new friend

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