The Mandatory Shopping trip

I have to say that I feel quite sorry for us, as we get fresh waffles after school and have mandatory shopping trips….

On Friday, we went to New Jersey to check out some malls as a part of the Fashion Management syllabus. We started the day at Bergen Town Center, which is a quite big outlet mall, right by N. Edel Avenue (because everyone knows just where that avenue is located). Our professor gave us 3 places that we had to visit; Century 21, Target and Wholefoods. For those who aren’t familiar with these stores, Century 21 is a type of outlet retail store where a couple of seasons old designer wear is sold at a low price, Target is a store that sells everything. Seriously, everything. Wholefoods is an organic grocery store, also offering hot food, salads and freshly baked goods.

As for what we shopped, I ended up with a pair of Nike running shoes and Lindt chocolate, whereas Ida also bought shoes at Nike as well as a pair of gorgeous Badgley Mischka shoes at Bloomberg. Oh, how I wish we had the same shoe size!

After 3 hours of shopping, we hopped on the bus to the next mall, which was one of the test malls in America. Test malls are those malls where designers/retailers try selling new trends and style, and if they sell, they ship them to other malls and stores, but if not – then they won’t. Here we had to stop by more stores than the previous mall; Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, GAP, Macy’s, J. Crew and Abercrombie & Fitch. There were a lot of pretty things there, but I ended up with my regular Estée Lauder Double Wear eyeliner. Being quite disappointed over that I didn’t find my perfect Michael Kors wallet, I ate some more chocolate on the bus ride home.

The moment I came home, the bags were thrown aside and I went straight to bed. After realizing that even though I was exhausted, I wasn’t exhausted enough. Therefore I decided to take a long walk. I mean it, it was long. I ended up going to the Michael Kors store at Madison Avenue and 61 St (which also is the world’s largest MK store). I was quite sad that I couldn’t find the gold wallet I was looking for, but when I looked up, all the way to the roof, I saw it. My hands started shaking and the smile kept on growing on my face, while the lovely saleswoman found it for me. She got as exited for me as I was for the wallet and gave it to me for a great price. Carrying my first Michael Kors bag out of the store, I walked all the way home. From Upper East side to Downtown Manhattan. About 2.5 hours. That was fun. I didn‘t take a lot pictures, but here’s the ones I captured;

Only in the United States can you find Advil on sale.. (Target)
Mouthwash anyone?
That’s my street man..
Clutches by the king himself, Alexander McQueen (Nordstrom)
Pink glittery shoes anyone? (Nordstrom)
Makeup at Lord & Taylor
Italian Cashmere from J. Crew
Christmas at Neiman Marcus
Ida and her expensive taste…
A Givenchy dress and feather jacket at Neiman Marcus
My Michael Kors bag
The Wallet

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