The Kaizervirus

For all you Kaizers Orchestra fans in New York; the virus has arrived. Thanks to Karina who got infected and spread it to me, we’re now on a mission to spread the virus here in New York!

To download the app, click on one of the images.

For you guys who have no idea what this is, read on;

Kaizers Orchestra have released their first single from their concluding album of the Violeta Violeta trilogy. As this will be an epic conclusion of the story of Violeta, Kenneth and Beatrice, the band had to do something crazy, so instead of launching the song on the radio, they’ve decided to spread the song as a virus through an app. One person, Steffen Berland from Bergen, started the virus and spread it. 3 days later, the virus has reached the largest cities in Norway as well as New York, GB and several other European countries. It has now been 5 days, and no one really knows where the virus is spreading because it‘s everywhere… The next songs from Violeta Violeta Volume III will also be released as viruses, and at some point, they will release their record as an album (like a disc). As smartphones and infected people are required for getting infected and listening to the songs, this may be incredibly frustrating for some people. I was really frustrated those two days I knew the virus was out, but didn‘t have access to it. For more information about the band Kaizers Orchestra, click on the picture of them.We’re here to spread the Kaizervirus. You’ll get infected. And there is no cure.

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