Meet the newborn movie stars

So, finally my childhood dream of becoming an actress got fulfilled! Gateway College needed actors and actresses for its promo movie, inspired by Sex and the City. Several people volunteered, but in the end, we were 4 girls, all from different parts of the country (where two of us are Indian, ha ha).

We started shooting a shopping trip in SoHo right after school. The director hadn’t done his homework by calling the stores in advance and get permission to shoot, so we had to walk around and ask different stores whether we could shoot there. We ended up running into a cigar place, and decided to add the smokers in the movie. After the “shopping trip”, we went to Silver Towers and shot our breakfast at The Silver Platter – containing coffee and splitting a giant cupcake.

You need to do a lot, in order to overdo something in New York, so we took a limo to Central Park, which was our next location. Not only was it a small limo, it was a black limo, and I don’t mean the color (pirate limo). In Central Park we looked at the turtles, people jogging and there was a lovely couple who were taking their wedding photographs. After staring at quite many happy couples in the park, we went to 5th avenue for a second shopping trip. Somehow we never got further than Abercrombie and Fitch…

After grabbing a bite, we went to Brooklyn Bridge to shoot the rendezvous with the handsome Gateway boys. Sorry, men. We started shooting about 8 pm, and were done around 11 pm. I have no idea how many times we had to walk the same distance, back and forth, do the same things over and over again, where David had to shoot from different angles.

Today we shot some scenes in the classroom while writing a paper on Anna Wintour. I have never ever felt as distracted while writing as I did today when the camera was pointed at my notebook.

And today we ended our school day with fresh waffles and a visit from The Seamen’s Church.

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